Neighborhood Amenities

Sinai Village is located in the Winstanley neighborhood of East St. Louis.  The Mt. Sinai Baptist Church and Sinai Family Life Center, a nonprofit community center offering a variety of youth and neighborhood services, are community anchors within several blocks of the homes and serve the entire neighborhood.   Kim’s Kids daycare center is located within walking distance.

Sinai Village Homes are directly serviced by two Metro bus lines and are only a half mile from the 5th and Missouri Metrolink light rail station.  There are also a wide range of amenities, services, and shopping options within a one mile bike, drive, or bus ride from Sinai Village homes, including the East St. Louis Higher Education Campus and Workforce Development Center, the Southern Illinois Health Clinic and East St. Louis Health District, multiple bank and credit union branches, and the shopping center at 25th and State Street, which includes a Schnucks, Save-A-Lot, Walgreens, Family Dollar, and Foot Locker, among other retail options.